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Autor Wątek: Checksum calculation and Serial comm. Paradox SP Alarm  (Przeczytany 803 razy)


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Checksum calculation and Serial comm. Paradox SP Alarm
« dnia: Maj 20, 2018, 06:42:47 pm »

My current Alarm System is all made by me and is based on the Smart House WAGO 750 series PLC Installation , Door sensors , Movement Sensors, Fire detection , Gas and Water .

This triggers some DO for the Horn and other indications but more importantly triggers a series of DO for my SMS Seatel Module like : Armed in Stay mode or Armed in Away Mode, System in ALARM or Fire/Water/Gas detection, Panic and Main's Voltage status and sends SMS to me and my family.

Now I want to have a Security Dispatch Company to Monitor the House and 99% of them want the GPRS reporting in Contact ID format which is a standard format in the Security Systems and  one solution that I came with was just to replace my SMS Seatel Module with one that report in in GPRS as well like 8 DI  Seatel GPRS - T4, but again this is only sending them the house General ALARM not exactly which which zone has be violated and most of them refuse taking a contract because I don't provide full reporting on all zones.

Now there is a solution for this , and is by taking a standards GPRS / SMS Reporting Module that can be connected to a serial RS232 Port  and replicate one of the very used on the market Alarm Systems Serial Protocol   like Paradox SP XXXX series and use Standard GPRS Reporting module that works with the Paradox SPxxxx Serial comm. and have WAGO sending the HEX codes instead of the Paradox Alarm Panel.

I have all the Documentation of  Paradox Serial Communication Protocol but unfortunately my knowledge in making this work are minimum .

I need to configure a Wago RS 232 Module in the PLC_PRG , make some functions that will send each zone violation in a HEX format over the serial connection triggered by the VAR's in my PLC_PRG Program.   

Attached a have a file that is the Paradox Serial Protocol that needs to be simulated, replicated in format of 37 bytes as HEX.

At this point I believe one of my biggest problem will be to do the calculation of the CHECKSUM that look very complicated.