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I had a great luck to find a good electrician.  He placed the wires quickly and without hassle; he also advised me on many technical and practical items.  All wires were laid on the floor in a ‘streams’, from which, like tree branches, the wires go to separate rooms and switches.  The wires powering celling lamps are placed on the floor of the next level (so wires to the lamps in the basement are on the floor of the 1st level).  Consequently all wires all well hidden, safe from accidental drilling.  There was also no problem with the company finishing up the walls as the wires were not sticking much from the wall surface.

All wires were 3 times marked on each end and dragged down to the basement to the place of the future steering unit.  The sight of all the cables was scary and …exciting.  I had some moments of doubts if a novice like me will handle it all, make the system work to turn at least one light on…

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